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Friday, October 8, 2010

Restless At Nyepi Because Of Leak

Nyepi become a day that make bali population so confuse becouse they are showing supranatural power at that night. The aspirant of leak in Bali was still often exibhiting their supranatural power ability . In the end it only made local people became restless. Nyepi celebrations that should become a means of self-introspection for Hindu community, even used as a venue for showing off supernatural power of leak in Jimbaran. 

This event is often hapened, even this event become a spectacle of local residents to look and awaited every year. The form is not necessarily, sometimes in the form like horrible creatures, some even resembling a modern objects such as cars or airplanes. The emergence of an aircraft on the I Gusti Ngurah Rai street occurred about eight o'clock. Plane shape is still clearly visible, although the darkness of the night and tree inhibit, because its shape almost indistinguishable. There are even lights in the wings, tail and head.

Other events that have ever witnessed of several inhabitants are seeing celuluk (big-toothed creature and bald) who leaned in a palm tree in the middle of the road by pass Ngurah Rai. Sometimes there is also a severed head with the internal organs spilled, but it was not to disturb the residents directly.

According the stories circulating in the area of southern Bali, Jimbaran village known as a warehouse leak. This corresponds to a story in bali that mentions the book of leak is dropped there by a figure. Than the book was learned by locals. Whether the story is true or not.

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