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Saturday, October 16, 2010


I Gusti Nyoman Lempad (1862 – 1978) was known as a Balinese stone sculptor and architect (Undagi in Balinese) who built the palaces and temples in Ubud and its neighboring villages. In his later years, he produced hundreds of linear drawings of Balinese mythology and folklore. Lempad of Bali, a short documentary film produced by John Darling and Lorne Blair, tells the story of Lempad at the end of his life and his cremation ceremony.
Lempad’s exact birth date, as many Balinese of his time, is unknown. But he was married when Krakatoa erupted in 1883. He died on April 25, 1978 at his home in Ubud, Bali. He gathered his family and asked them to bathe him and then died. The Balinese believed that he chose the time of his death at the day that considered most holy.

Although he maintained a close friendship with foreign artists, including Rudolf Bonnet and Walter Spies, Lempad never compromised his distinctive identity as a Balinese artist, and one with a broad range of talents in many media; painting, sculpture and architecture.

Lempad Reborn it start on March 28th 2010 (purnama ka dase) the 10th full moon are a great day at Balinese calendar is a visual art project involving children at Sanggar Tangguh a community who concern about an alternative education placed in Guwang Village, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali, this project with targeted educational for participants to cultivate an interest in arts, especially visual arts, as well as the means to share their knowledge of art a deeper level, where the region Guwang or Sukawati who was famous for its art market, there selling various kinds of Bali handicraft and painting as one of the main menu of merchandise, thus forming a general perception to the local community about the art of painting “good” and “right” is the follow market trends (art market) and can be sold on the guests who came to visit as a souvenir. A perception that a simple and one side does have a justified depends on how we see it, but if you talk about art in different ways of course will be understanding and practice of art itself. In addition to using the name of a Balinese arts maestro I Gusti Nyoman Lempad I aim to introduce or remind the artists that have recorded figures in art history of Bali and Indonesia, as one who has given a strong influence on the development of traditional Balinese arts, so we do not forget our histories of art. Lempad is as a starting point or blueprint and become one of the artists in this project name to the title of the project, there will be “reborn another great artists again” from the other great artists of Indonesian.
The final form of this project can be a book that is a collection of children’s work project participants, the exhibition of children’s work and its companion in this project whose content relates to the theme of children’s work centers are summarized in accordance with the theme of each meeting. The form of the work will not just painting or drawing but the work still further, may be a result experimental and development of various types of mediums and theme such as woodcut prints, stencil, mono prints, caricatures, and others, the theme of education, environmental and social sensitivity in the future.

Title Reborn Lempad taken as a form of respect and recognition of the value of art history and local Balinese artists to the children of participants, that the Balinese have lived a versatile artist of his day and succeeded in developing the traditional arts of Bali at one point that has reached the peak and we can see its influence on the works of most of our traditional artists now, even more than that its influence can also be seen in terms of architecture, building temples, making bade (altar for the dead-rise) and the twin dragon Naga Banda also at the ceremony in traditional Balinese statues.


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  3. I learn to love this place!I notice this place when a Korean series came out and they use Bali as their beautiful romantic scene. Now and then I search and learn their living. The history reflect what they are.Thanks for posting it!

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  6. Excellent post and I felt that korean series came out and they use Bali as their beautiful romantic scene

  7. Gusti Norman Lempad was born in Bedulu in 1862 and he was considered as the most famous of all Balinese artists. He was a painter and also a superb carver of Balinese religious imagery.

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