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Friday, October 8, 2010

Chemotherapy Superanatural

Chemotherapy Superanatural For Cancer And Tumor. This therapy is claimed to be the latest treatment techniques proven to cure malignant tumors and cancer. This is done in the style of chemotherapy treatment but put on accumulation of kundalini energy, chakras, prana, kandapat, literacy wrehastra, swalalita, and modre.

Until now, modern medicine still scrambling to handle the disease and malignant tumors. Have not found the right way to handle both diseases are a scourge the medical world. Chemotherapy is considered the most powerful in dealing with this disease, it was not safe. This method not only kills the cell disease, but also kill other cells that are useful for the body. In the long run, if done continuously, in this way actually damage cells and cause new diseases in the body. Hair loss, wrinkled skin, and the face looks older, is the impact of chemotherapy treatment that uses infrared.

Treatment Taksu Bali headed I Made Mastresna, SE.MSi, can guarantee being able to complete both the disease and other diseases with the technique of acupressure treatment kundalini Taksu Bali Usada. If not recover the fees will be refunded. This is a new treatment technique, formulated in the college labor Sampurna Chakra Naga Shiva which is located on the road Jagaraga, No. 4 Celuk Village, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia. Breast cancer, uterine cancer, liver cancer and others who have been on stage five, proved to be cured with acupressure kundalini Taksu Bali Usada.

Kundalini Usada Taksu Bali is a specialist in cancer treatment, tumors and diseases of other medical and non medical through acupressure techniques. Treatment technique is to touch the nerve points of the body in the foot. Acupressure is similar to the other. Treatment techniques to use tool for stimulating nerves in the feet touching the point with pressed or stabbed. It's just that, a tool used wood or iron is not unusual, but wood that has supernatural powers are wood sadi brahma. The reason wood heat sadi brahma has almost the same energy with infrared ray irradiation equipment in the modern chemotherapy. Unlike modern chemotherapy premises equipment, wood burning sadi brahma only parasite cells.

Besides using wood sadi brahma, acupressure is also stimulated by supernatural kundalini, chakras, prana, Kanda pat, voodoo, and dasa alphabet. People who do not master the six basic science of these treatments will not be able to do this therapy. Sixth supernatural power is coupled than channeled into the patient through touch nerves in the legs. Sadi brahma function to burn the cancer cells, whereas six of this supernatural power will stimulate accelerated growth of cells that benefit the body.

Acupressure by college students Siwa Sampurna chakra dragon is not alone. One pasian handled two healers to take the right and left foot simultaneously. Within two to three times the handling, change has been seen in patients. Your healing will be secured by calling (62361) 298 364.


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