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Friday, October 8, 2010

Nawa Sura

Nawa Sura "Magical Power Statue Guard House ". From time immemorial the people of Bali have inherited a unique architectural masterpiece, loaded with ornaments including statues, adjusted for the function and meaning. Initially the presence of a particular statue is a symbol placed as supporting architecture of temples and palaces. Temple as a symbol of the supranatural ruler and the castle as a symbol of the real nature.

Placement function and meaning of the statue continues to evolve. From the existence of which is usually dominated puri and castle are, now expanded into residential communities. The most easily observed is the placement on the right and left of the entrance. The statue is used as a statue Ghorakala, sura Nawa, Nawa sari, Merdah twalen, and human figures that are beating the gambelan, carrying weapons, until the comical characters.

Most people there are putting bali ganesha statue right in front of the entrance of restricted a small wall. Ganesha statue gives philosophy a symbol of wisdom. Some communities also exist that use statues Nawa sura Nawa sari, which are usually placed on the right and left of the entrance mrajan (sanctuary at home). Nawa sura described as a giant figure armed with axes or swords. While the Nawa Sari's wielding flowers. Both types give a picture of a statue that is magical intimacy with the family environment.


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