Bali Now

Bali is Bali that are truly unique. Who should be responsible for protecting and maintaining bali ..? What happens if investors and tourists who come to Bali do not maintain the uniqueness of Bali ..? What happens if the people of Bali unable to maintain and preserve the unique Bali ..?

"Do not let the Balinese culture lost in modernization," That's the words that often sounded of every person ear every time. But why something that happened to Bali now could happen ..? Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika to invite all parties to build Bali together, with due attention to the uniqueness of Bali. Can the uniqueness of Bali survive, if Bali development continues like now..? The questions that really only time can answer.

Today many changes taking place in Bali. Many young people are affected Bali modernization, their hair dyed colors, but they still come to the temple of discipline and respect the customs of Bali. But until when will this can last. Until when the uniqueness of Balinese culture to survive from the strong currents of modernization ..?

One thing that needs to be reviewed by the government, community, and tourists are, there in the minds of the investors to keep Bali ..? Or just want to make Bali as their gold fields ..??

Build Bali as a paradise, but do not let Bali be the last paradise.


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