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Monday, October 11, 2010

How To Learn Leak Power

Until now leak is still mysterious. Not only the figures or forms, but also the learning process. According to the existing understanding in the community, the process of mastering the power leak is divided into four parts, namely a way to learn, ask at the place haunted, the science of inheritance or descent, and by way of purchase.

Leak through the learning phase is, by self-study from books or teachers about the process and rituals leak gradually. There are also people who master the power leak by begging in places like the haunted graveyard. They do not learn, but got the kind of grace that allowed him to be a leak. While the leak is the science of inheritance or descent leak that revealed his parents or ancestors. Usually this way people do not realize that he could be a leak because of this power is derived without his knowledge. It could be that power is transferred when a person who inherited the power is still a baby. This power is transferred through the food that was given of spells by parents, grandparents or anyone who mastered ajian pangleakan. There are also transferred when the person that controls the strength of leak before his death. By his death, people who master the power of commanding his offspring leak to swallow anything that comes out of his mouth when he breathed last. There is a beast, blob saliva, or certain objects. When the object was swallowed up by one of his descendants, he immediately mastered the power leak that was once owned by his grandfather or his parents.

Another case is the leak power obtained without the deliberate from the ancestors who have died. The force had not yet handed down by their ancestors during death. It was so strong, these forces accumulate with natural energy and can not melt. He floated around the house where the tribes live, to find a suitable heir or person to enter the energy leak. Usually the person sought is the person having a similar day of birth, wotonan, the nature or character with the nature of such energy. When you have found a suitable spot, he will enter the sports person and that person could be a leak instantly without realizing it. If not get a suitable body, the energy that is difficult to melt in this nature will continue to roam the yard. He will seek the accumulation of negative energy, such as people who bicker in the house, people with character envy, jealousy.

The latter is the leak gained strength by buying from a shaman. More usually done by women. They do not have the power leak, but other forces such request may look beautiful, best-selling and other trade. This is where the shaman reduce leak power unnoticed by that person. This guy can not control it so that he unwittingly had become leak.


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